Where are you located? 
I reside in Cleveland, Ohio (United States of America)

How do I request a portrait? 
Contact us. We recommend that you check out the How It Works page for further info.

Did you recieve my email? 
To ensure that your email doesn't get lost in our SPAM folder, please be sure to include CUSTOM PORTRAIT in the SUBJECT line, or use the 
contact page on this website.

What drawing materials do you use? 
Our portraits are drawn mostly with HB lead pencils and graphite, with occassional use of ink or other mediums

May I have a portrait in color? 
We specialize in Black & White. Some color may be available upon request.

May I order prints from your InstaGram page?  
Most artwork on our InstaGram page can be purchased as prints.
Contact us to see about its availability.
(Please note that other people's personal portraits are not available for purchase)

How long does it take to ship?  
Shipments are made through USPS. Delivery time may vary depending on location.
Domestic shipments are estimated between 3 - 5 business days, and International shipments are estimated between 6 - 10 business days.

Are all your drawings posted online?  
Client privacy is important and requests for privacy are respected. The personal drawings online are permitted by clients.

I want a FREE portrait.  
Your purchases are greatly appreciated. Your support funds the expenses required to run and maintain our website, as well as make drawing supplies affordable.
Be sure to Follow us on InstaGram. FREE Portrait Contests are posted there from time to time.